Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pi Eyed

Worked on a few kits this weekend from my kickstarter collection.  This one was PiRingo another flashing lights board.
  I am doing this a bit more earnestly since I am teaching a  summer STEM course for high school students on using python to do Internet of Things stuff using Raspberry Pis.
I am appreciating RPi.GPIO, although the lower case i, is a source of error, even though it is cute.
It i sonly 3 hours and I have to teach them the python logic to work the boards so it is going to be more tweaking the code.  Can do light sensing and temperature sensing (and of course the blinking lights) but should I even attempt anything mobile?  I would appreciate any suggestions and will post what I finally do.

Also stumbled across Ren'Py today, a "Visual Novel Engine."  It is strange enough to give it a look.  I will report on that and I owe you one on lua, I have been side tracked by a machine learning tool in lua, Torch7 and am trying to get my arms around it.  For all the apt-gets and brews in the world, some things are still just damn hard to install!

More soon.  I just soldered my first surface mount for a DocJava audio processing shield.    It is not pretty but I think it will work.  Later!