Sunday, July 21, 2013

Facebook versus Google+ Zeitgeist

My perception is that Google+ and Facebook are used differently by folks.  Overall there is a more scientific, engineering and "let me impress you with my knowledge,"  slant on Google+, whereas Facebook reflects more of folks lives and aspirations.  This impression was enforced a bit by a personal tally on Birthday wishes to me this week.   I received 23 on Facebook and 2 on Google+.  Of course it just may be that my friends differentiate the two but I suspect that is not the case.  I would be interested in your opinion of the uses of each.

On the hacker front I am in the midst of building an adafruit power supply board, I am hoping to finish it today, since I want to replicate the LED candle that I built and see if I can then flash an  8 bit atmel to replicate it.  Seems like a gradual way to move into special purpose boards.  By the way I have found adafruit kits to be well done with clear instructions that  explain the purpose of each component on the board.  This also is my 5th project using the Aoyue 937 solder station and I am really impressed.  I use a soldering temperature of 370 C and it heats rapidly and maintains the temperature.  Highly recommended. 



  1. I never joined FB, so I can't compare. G+ works for me as a short blogging/news/discussion forum, and for private sharing with specific friends and family. I don't care much about birthday wishes, which may be a reason I never got on FB.

  2. Fernando understand about the Birthday wishes, but Facebook seems to have a different sort of connectedness and use. It is interesting to watch how folks try to parallel post and how reactions differ.
    BTW I was not fishing for more Birthday wishes, just commenting on the behavior. Still have a bit of the psychologist in me.