Sunday, August 21, 2016


I finally fired up my arduino Yun and, well, I was really YUNimpressed, err I mean unimpressed.  Admittedly I have only spent 30 min with it but I honestly do not want to spend much more time with it.  I can see why the arduino folks retired this product.  My advice if you are tempted to purchase it, is to avoid it.  One has to stand on one's head to access the linux.  For example one method is to load a sketch called YunSerialTerminal using the arduino IDE and then you can access the linux through the serial monitor.  You also access it through Wi-Fi  but it is not as smooth as the Omega.  I hope to blog on the Omega soon and the newer Omega 2 when I receive it.  I see these as much better choices

So if you are tempted to buy a Yun at the discounted prices don't.  I fear I may use my pricey Yuns as simple arduinos in some of my projects.  Sad really.  Later!

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