Friday, December 2, 2016

Thunderboard Sense can Sense Thunder

After a fairly long wait I received The Thunderboard Sense board from Silicon Labs.  It is pretty impressive and could even be more impressive with a few more sensors.

The board is powered either off a micro usb plug or a CR2032 battery.  It connects to a smart phone app (android and iOS) by Bluetooth Low Energy.

I am most interested in the environmental sensors and they include:
  • relative humidity and temperature 
  • barometric pressure
  • indoor air quality and gas sensor, CCS811
    • ethanol, CO, "a wide range" of volatile organic compounds
  • UV and ambient light
  • MEMS microphone
The sensors communicate over I2Cand the board retails for $36 although they are still scarce and I paid close to $50 for mine. It offers  quite a lot for a small package.  Next step is to look at their app code and begin setting up our own system.  And in reference to the title, the microphone seems fairly responsive and it could indeed sense thunder

Definitely something that would be nice in a Christmas stocking.  More posts over the break.  Later!

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