Sunday, March 24, 2013

Galago and Annika O'Brien's boards

On Wednesday, as promised, I received my Galago board.  Galago is a kickstarter project that provides a built in debugger for prototyping arduino boards.  It is on the small side about 1.5" by 2/3".  It is much smaller than Annika O'Brien's board but costs lots more.  Annika's is about $5 a board whereas Galago is 5 times the cost.  The key to the Galago is the debugger.   I experimented with it for about 30 min yesterday and it seemed reasonable.  Note that the debugger environment currently requires programming in C rather than the arduino mainstay, processing and the resultant sketches.  I ordered a 5 pack of Annika' s boards on kickstarter and can't wait to get them so I can do some "beyond the blinking lights and switches projects" this summer.   Something liberating about a $5 arduino board!  Of course a nice debugging environment also is liberating.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

Note that although the bulk of my posts have been on hardware that is not my overall intention.  I should diversify soon.  Later!

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  1. On Google Plus Yann LeCun suggested the Teensy 3.0 board, It uses an ARM chip and is very small. Thanks Yann!