Saturday, March 9, 2013

HTML5 and JavaScript Books

A quick post on a request from my students for recommended HTML5 and JavaScript books.  I posted a list of my four favorites on my web site.  This is just the beginning of my  recommendations for JavaScript and HTML5.  I am urging all my students to become proficient in both.

If you haven't done so, check out JavaScript.  It certainly appeals to my LISP background.  I use the node.js interpreter to experiment with the computational parts of the language.  It has a simple yet powerful object model and is closely tied to HTML5.

If you have more recommendations on HTML5 and JavaScript books, web pages, references or recommendations for additional languages, I would appreciate it if you posted them here.  I encourage my students to learn at least one new language a year.

You can tell I was an OPS5/Clips developer for rule bases.  Two paragraphs beginning with "if's."

I hope to get a post later this weekend on kits that will hone your soldering skills and are fun.  Later!

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