Monday, May 13, 2013

Bequeath the Bits

I found this article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that discusses preparing a Digital Assets Inventory for your estate.  If you are part of the 61% that does not have a will, this exacerbates the problems since there is no law that governs how digital assets will be distributed when one kicks intestate, sans will.  Even if you have user names and passwords, you may be violating the law accessing the account.  Fortunately many social networking sites do have policies for deceased users to provide family or executor information on how to access the accounts.  You may even be able to have your family collect your  frequent flyer points and get all those kickstarter arduino boards!

On less morbid fronts I finally have everything ready to start working with FPGAs  using my Mojo board.  Hopefully the next post will discuss my adventures.  It sure was harder than it should be to get the environment in place.  Later!

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  1. Since most of my digital assets are on Google, I recently enabled the Inactive Account Manager