Thursday, May 30, 2013

Droning on

Last week I finally received my quadrotor kit that i backed on kickstarter.  There are other available kits, with the LA Robotics Club.   I should begin assembly of the critter next week and I will keep you posted on my progress. 

The proliferation of drones poses more threats on our privacy.  Yahoo news had an interesting article today on the issues involved with drones and privacy.  Highly recommended.  I do not think kits such as the one I am building are a threat, since the battery life is about 6 minutes but I can imagine commercial versions would have far greater operational cycles and pose a threat to our privacy.  Hopefully  organizations addressing aerial surveillance will be created and be the equivalent of Carnegie-Mellon's CyLab.  More on this in future posts.  Later.

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  1. Sorry to comment on my own post but yahoo continued the discussion of drones today, .
    Basically explaining ways to make drones safer including self limiting altimeters and steep dives switches.